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Raees Movie Story | Storyline | Movie Plot

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Raees Movie Story | Storyline | Movie Plot

Raees Movie Story | Raees Movie Storyline | Raees Movie Plot : Here is an update about Raees Hindi Movie 2016. A local court on weekday issued notices to actors Shah Rukh Khan, Farhan Akhtar, director Rahul Dholakia and 4 others following a defamation suit of Rs a hundred and one crore by slain gangster Adul Latif’s son Mushtaq Shaikh, who alleged that approaching film Raees shows his father in bad lightweight. Replies are to be filed by might 11. The film is reportedly supported Latif’s life. His son, Mushtaq, conjointly sought-after injunction against the discharge of the film further as its promotion.

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Raees Movie Storyline

The suit, filed through advocate Harsh Gajjar, claimed that within the recently released trailer of the film the lead character, contend by Shah Rukh, is shown running brothel and mistreatment girls bootleggers, one thing the “real Latif ne'er did”.“There were ninety seven cases lodged against Latif in his life time. These cases were for bootlegging and high offences beneath TADA, however, at no purpose he ran a brother or used girls for delivering liquor. By attributing such false claims within the clip the respondents have defamed the family’s image within the society,” Gajjar said, adding that Latif was notable for spending money on downtrodden folks.

Raees Movie Plot

Besides Khan and Akhtar and Dholakia, Shaikh has conjointly created Khan’s better half Hindu deity and producer Ritesh Sidhwani parties within the defamation suit. The film, stellar Shah Rukh, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Mahira Khan, tells the story of Raees Khan, a bootleggar WHO operated in 1980s Gujarat. it'll release on July three. Latif, needed in dozens of cases of murder, snatch and bootlegging, was aforementioned to be a locality of Dawood patriarch gang. He was inactive in 1995 and killed by police in 1997 whereas attempting to flee from Sabarmati jail.


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